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Rett Syndrome is a rare but serious neurological disorder.

Rett Syndrome is primarily caused by a sporadic mutation in the MECP2 gene on the X chromosome.

Symptoms of Rett Syndrome include uncontrolled Epilepsy, hand tremors, loss of speech, loss of body control, unable to walk or bear weight, teeth grinding, heart issues... Children and adults with Rett Syndrome are unfortunately passing away from complications of Rett Syndrome far too often.

Our children are strong, they are resilient and smart. But they need your help to FIND A CURE for Rett Syndrome.

Our campaign for 2017 is to REMEMBER. October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, but we ask you to remember our children all year round, remember the name 'Rett Syndrome' and remember that we are fighting for a cure for our children and future generations.

How to Help

There are many incredible organisations working towards a Rett Syndrome cure and for awareness worldwide. They are the team behind the research for a cure, clinical trials, support and so much more for Rett Syndrome families everywhere.

Please visit their websites to directly support, donate or fundraise via their programs.

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Rett Syndrome Research Trust

Girl Power 2 Cure

Rett Syndrome Association of Australia

Reverse Rett (UK)